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Jackie and Ben Mavin

Owners of Black Pearl Ajay and Firehorse Hercules  


Why choosing a Cane Corso?

One of the main reasons why my husband and I decided on this particular breed when we were researching what would be best for us -- we wanted a dog that would bark when someone knocked at the door, but was also family-friendly and would lick them once inside.

What to look for in a breeder?

Having gone through this process many times before with our families growing up, we think that there are 5 things to look for when you're looking for a breeder:
1) they are knowledgeable about their breed
2) their own dogs are treated like a member of their family
3) they are eager to answer your questions and provide you with as much information as they can to help you make an informed decision
4) they are just as interested in learning about you as you are about them (it's not all about the $$)
5) they are selective with the people they place their puppies with - in other words, they look to match the dog's specific personality with a person whose lifestyle and personality matches up with the needs of the dog
Black Pearl Cane Corso, of course, has all of these qualities!

Important issues in raising a Cane Corso

Our advice for anyone bringing a Cane Corso into their home would be to socialize them early and often as a puppy and expose them to many new and different environments. Also, enroll them in as many obedience or socialization classes as you can stand. Ajaye and Herc have both been in obedience classes for several years and it's great for teaching them basic commands and manners as well as socialization. Oh, and make sure you have towels laying around at all times to catch that monster drool!

Pearls of wisdom from our owners​​

On this page, you can read what our owners suggest when considering adding a Cane Corso to the family, when looking for a breeder and when raising a Cane Corso.

As you can see, most of our owners have more than one Corso, and many of them owned Corsos in the past. So, they all have a lot of experience to share. We hope you will find their suggestions useful. 

Janine and Chuck Erato

Owners of Black Pearl ChaiBlack Pearl Espresso and Black Pearl Java

Temperament and Training - the perfect combination!

When we first saw the Ruvio’s dogs we were amazed at how beautiful and well behaved the dogs were. We felt so blessed when we were able to take Chai home. Until she took the toilet paper roll and unraveled it through half the house, every day! It really made us realize that a two month old puppy, even one from great lineage with a good temperament, needs training. Looking over her lineage, we felt there were endless possibilities but we quickly realized the importance of training our dog. One of the things we have learned through training is the importance of being a team for both her confidence and our confidence in her. A dog’s character is a reflection of his owner and a testimony to the breed. By investing in Chai ’s training we are helping to ensure that Cane Corsos are thought of in a positive way. One of the challenges has been that in working on obedience training there is no instant reward and it takes a good deal of time. However, with patience and diligence Chai became a therapy dog and is often spotted on Drexel’s campus. When we were blessed to keep one of Chai’s puppies, Espresso we realized she is more athletic. Due to her skill set we tried lure coursing. Espresso has her CAA for ten clean runs and will be running her first Fast Cat this spring. If you are considering becoming an owner of a beautiful Cane Corso please look around for a training center for you and the dog. Training classes are not only great exercise and a wonderful way to bond they are designed to help your dog be successful in anything he or she does.

Maria Scarpato Stefanowicz

Owner of Black Pearl Ceeya in The Ring  


What to look for in a show quality puppy?

When I was looking for my show quality female Cane Corso pup, and after years of research and already owning two male Cane Corsos one pet one show, I knew what I was looking for, a female with great bone, beautiful head straight top line, nice angulation with a great temperament & show personality.

The VERY first time laid my eyes on Ceeya (CeCe),I knew she was the ONE the minute I saw her. At that time she was only 5 weeks and she already had all I was looking for.

The second time I laid my eyes on her she was 8 weeks, she did not change a bit only much bigger from the first time I saw her.

When they put her up on the counter for stacking, she needed NONE.!!..she was picture perfect and stood there on the counter like she was stacking all her life.!!..A smile came to my face and I knew I had to have her.

Happy to say she is now my baby girl and she is EVERYTHING I have ever wanted and more.
We have big dreams forCeeya and very excited about what the future holds for this BEAUTIFUL girl.


Brandy Barbour

Owner of Black Pearl Illusion of Orion  


I have been interested in the Cane Corso for the last 5 years. Upon meeting one in person, I immediately fell in love and was determined to learn everything I possibly could about them. I teach 8th grade Language Arts and am an academic at heart, so my drive to find every piece of history and information about the Corso continues to this day!
Three years ago, I met Ayalla, her daughter Lihi, and her dogs Zeus and Allora at UKC Premier, the first dog show I ever attended. After meeting them and speaking with her, I was confident I was moving in the right direction. It was very important that I find a breeder who treats their dogs as family. So many people raise their dogs in barns or in kennel facilities, and I knew that, since I wanted a true utilitarian dog with a rock-solid temperament, I needed to find a breeder who keeps their dogs in the home and takes socialization as seriously as I do. Not only are Ayalla’s dogs family, but I quickly became part of the family, as well. Helping Ayalla and Lihi at shows, visiting the dogs, and learning from them is so invigorating and educational!
When Ayalla told me she had a litter planned from her TDI lines, I knew the time was right. I was looking for a truly one-of-a-kind dog: A male TDI prospect, show prospect, and sport prospect, all rolled into one. A true all-purpose dog. I met the puppies several times in the first 8 weeks of their lives and knew Ayalla would steer me in the right direction. Now, I am blessed with the dog of my dreams. UKC BIMBS CH Black Pearl Illusion of Orion CGCA TKN RN CA URO1 is everything I was looking for and more. He excels at every new event we try, and we do a little bit of everything. Our next adventure is working our way through the ranks of Rally, testing the waters in Agility, and attaining an AKC Championship.
Currently, he is the #13 Owner-Handled Cane Corso in the USA, and I could not be more proud to be his owner, his handler, and his primary trainer. My journey with Orion has taught me many things. Ayalla has been an invaluable resource, and Orion is a testament to the abilities of the breed. Over the last 13 months, I have learned: Your best resource is your breeder. Ask them, NOT the internet! Color should be the LEAST important consideration in a companion puppy. Personality and temperament are far more important. Work/train your dog DAILY, be it basic manners, trick training, agility, rally, conformation, or something else. It will improve your relationship with them, ingrain basic manners into the dog’s behavior, and allow you to do things with your dog. Aside from basic manners and dog sports, trick training is not only an impressive performance to show guests, but it will solidify the bond you have with your dog! Be a good ambassador to the breed and to purebred dog owners. It is not enough to have a Corso. You must embrace them in full and become the best dog owner you possibly can. Corsi can be intimidating to people, so your dog should be under control and project that calm, cool confidence that is inviting to people. Training, mental stimulation, and exercise are so important to this breed’s health and wellbeing! Advocate for your dog! Do not allow someone to interact with your dog in a way that can erode your training. We all have friends that want to encourage dogs to jump up on them: If you have made it clear to the dog that jumping up is not acceptable, do not allow others to encourage it. If your dog is in a fear period, control their life experiences so they do not become an issue for your dog. If you have doubts about a person, trainer, or other animal interacting with your dog, do not be afraid to say NO. Socialization is serious business and a lifelong effort. It does NOT stop at 4 months! Remember that exposure is NOT socialization. Interactions with new people, animals, situations, floor coverings, places, and more need to be positive!
Above all else: Enjoy your dog. You will hopefully be companions for a decade or more. Trust your dog, love your dog, and give your dog every effort of your heart, and you will have love and loyalty of the deepest kind.
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