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 Black Pearl STAR-Chai temperament program

At Black Pearl, we place a high priority on our Corsos temperament. We are proud to have multiple generations of therapy dogs in our breeding. Many of the Black Pearl owners had their Corsos passed successfully different temperament tests such as AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), ATTS and Therapy Dog International (TDI). Black Pearl supports and encourages such activities via our – Black Pearl STAR-Chai temperament program. Under this program, we will reimburse the temperament testing fees of any of our dogs who passed it successfully.

This program was named after Chai, the first Black Pearl corso that was certified as a TDI dog and her mother, STAR, that have produced a whole dynasty of therapy dogs. You can see all of Black Pearl Therapy Dogs here. Today, Chai and her daughter Espresso are Drexel University official therapy dogs. We honor Chai's achievement and the thank her owners, the Eratos, for their dedication and effort. We hope that more Black Pearls will follow Chai, STAR and the rest of Black Pearls that are practicing therapy in the future.

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