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Accessories and Toys - Cane Corso proofed!

Did you know that puppies' play is their way to learn how to behave? Make sure they play safely.

Below you will find all the things that your puppy needs to sleep, eat and play. 

These are products that our Corsos approved and recommend.

Of course, with all the expensive toys that you will buy, at the end, they will play with an empty plastic bottle...


Royal recommends the Jolly ball

Chai recommends the Wuobba

Our Bree's recommended ball

Zeus's favorite ball

Allora loves her frisbee

Toys that will survive your corso

Another great toy that will last

For training

For the ultimate tag of war

The ultimate chewing toy

A comfy bed that would fit your Corso

Best dog bed ever!

Life jacket

For winter walking

Great simple leash
The best collar company

Slow feeding bowl

Folding crate

Sturdy playpen

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