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Black Pearl Cane Corso

What are you looking for when thinking of adding a Cane Corso puppy to your family? There are three important reasons why you should consider Black Pearl Cane Corso puppy - Health, Temperament, and True Italian lines.


At Black Pearl Cane Corso we strive to produce dogs with good health, an exceptional temperament that are true reflection of the Italian look. Like the black pearl, the Corso is an exotic, elegant and rare dog. True to its name, the Corso is protective and a loyal who, with the right socialization, makes a wonderful family dog. As such, we invest much time and effort in our breeding as we match the right male with the right female. All our breeding dogs are health tested and temperament tested. We are proud to have 3 generations of therapy dogs in our kennel. So those who join the Black Pearl family will enjoy a healthy, well balanced and true Italian looking puppy as their companion.


The Italian authenticity of our line is evident in our dog's pedigrees. The origin of the Black Pearl Corsos is rooted in the Dyrium and Cerberus lines, from the original home of the Cane Corso - Italy. Our Corsos’ pedigree can be traced back to the first documented Corsos in Italy. Our pedigrees include some of the most well-known Corsos from the leading breeders in the world such as: Yurak + Cloto (It.Rep.Ch.) from Degli Elmi Kennel. Bayron (It.+Rep. Ch.) from La Valle dei Lord Kennel. The amazing Conan from De Duani Kennel. 


We are proud to say that our breeding program has resulted in many Champions and Grand Champions as well as Best In Show winners, over the years. Our Corsos are consistently ranked as the top Corsos in the country. As proud as we are of our dogs we are equally proud of our exceptional owners who are doing great things with them. This includes therapy work, protection, showing, agility, obedience, weight pulling and more. You can see all these activities Here.


Our dogs are part of our family and share our everyday lives and daily activities. Our owners' families become part of the Black Pearl family. As Cane Corso breeders, we continue to provide guidance and support to those who share our love to this wonderful breed.


We invite you to join our family and to share our passion and love for these majestic dogs and to enjoy our website. Please contact us with any questions. We are always happy to "talk" Corso!




Dr. Ayalla Ruvio

Black Pearl Star
Me and my Star
Black Pearl Cane Corso
Our kids (on 2 and on 4)
Black Pearl Cane Corso home
Our home!

Why Black Pearl Cane Corso? 
Health, Temperament,
True Italian Lines

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