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FAQ about our breeding and puppies

You probably have many questions about our breeding and about the process of getting a puppy from us. Here we are addressing some of the common questions we normally get. Please browse our comprehensive website for more information.


What papers my Cane Corso puppy comes with?


All Black Pearl puppies are registered with AKC. This is the US official registry. Other registries such as ICCF, are not recognized by the AKC. You can registered a dog with ICCF if you have AKC papers. But, not vis-a-versa. See here a complete list of recognized registries around the world. Do not buy a puppy that is not registered with AKC or one of their recognized registries.

Do you ship your puppies?


No. We do not. It is extremely important to us to know where our puppies are going to. We will not send them to someone that we've never met. Our recommendation to you would be always visit the breeders that you are considering and check their dogs, the living conditions of the puppies, their temperament and other things you care about. Obviously, you are welcome to come and visit us and our Corsos.



What is the cost of a puppy?

All our puppies are sold for $3,500. We do not charge more for "show quality", "rare colors", "working prospects" or any other characteristic. Our puppies are matched with the best home for them. Not by who is willing to pay more for them. For full details about our price and what it includes visit our price page.

How often do you breed your Cane Corsos?


Our breeding program is based on quality. As such, we breed very little. About 1-2 times a year. Our breeding females are normally being bred no more than twice in their lifetime. This allows us to focus on a proper raising of our puppies, with love and attention. Please read more about our breeding philosophy and about how we raise our puppies.   



Can I come visit your kennel?


Absolutely! We do not have a "facility", and our Corsos do not live in kennels. Our Corsos live with us and share our love and home. We regard them as part of our family. A big part of our family actually, considering that the combined weight of our 7 Corsos is over 800lb! :) We always welcome visitors. Just shoot us an email and schedule your visit.

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