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Black Pearl Ajay Gerassi Corso

Born: October 5, 2010

Owned and Loved by Jackie and Ben Mavin.




The New York Times featuring Ajay! read about it here.

Ajay is an extremely smart, sweet and affectionate girl. Her obedience is something that my husband and I take great pride in -- she aims to please and is such a great listener! She is constantly trying to get as close as she can to her mom and dad (and anyone else who is nearby!) which usually involves sitting on our lap while we're on the couch, or bumping into us while we're going about our daily activities - she never wants to miss anything! Her eyes are full of expression and seem to tell a story every time she looks at you. She also takes her responsibility of "protecting" her family and her Corso brother Hercules seriously by barking at the neighbors and anyone who knocks at the door -- but, don't mistake that for aggression -- she's vocal, but will shower you with kisses and throw toys at you once you step inside her home. (By Jackie )

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