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Therapy work

Black Pearl is proud to have 3 generations of therapy dogs in our kennel, with multiple dogs that practice therapy in a variety of institutions including schools, universities, youth centers, hospitals, elderly day cares etc. Our therapy dogs are part of the Therapy Dog International (TDI) organization, which sets the highest standards for therapy work. You can read more about TDI  here.

Our first therapy dog was Chai. We named our Temperament Program after her and her mother STAR, to encourage more of our owners to get involved in social activities with their Corsos. She was followed by many of our dogs (See all our therapy dogs) that enjoyed the interaction with people who need them. At Black Pearl, we see it as our top priory to give back to the communities we live in, and even more important, to use our Corsos as ambassadors that demonstrate everything that is GOOD in this amazing breed. 

Our Black Pearls - Chai & Espresso

At Drexel University

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