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Zarina Israeli Queen

Born: July, 30, 2006
Bred by: Dr. Gerassi Lazar
Always in our hearts!
AKC Grand Champion​
ICCF Grand Champion
NAKC Champion
ARBA Champion

Zarina was our foundation female and my once-in-a-lifetime friend. She was the essence of what a real Cane Corso should be - confident, powerful, massive and beautiful. Zarina passed these qualities to her offspring as well as her amazing character and her true Italian looks.  True to her name, Zarina was the queen of the house. She made sure everyone is on their best behavior and used to correct any misconduct. She was extremely gentle with kids and puppies and to watch her interact with them was an amazing sight. Her legacy continues to thrive trough her daughters - our STAR and our Brianna and their offspring. She was my soulmate and I miss her every day! (By Ayalla)

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