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Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a fun activity that allows owners to test their dog’s natural prey drive by allowing the dog to chase an artificial lure ("bunny") across a field. This “bunny” can moves across the field at speeds up to 50 mph! The speed of the "bunny" is adjusted to keep the bunny just out of reach of the chasing dogs until the end of the run. The course can be from 300 – 600 yards in length, and often has turns to emulate the natural movement of prey.AKC Lure Coursing has recently introduced a new Coursing Ability Tests (CAT). The CATs are available to dogs over 12 months, that are AKC, FSS, PAL or the AKC Canine Partners program registered. Lame dogs and bitches in season are prohibited from taking the test. During the CAT a dog must complete the course with enthusiasm and without interruption within the maximum time allowed (1 1/2 minutes for the 300-yard course and 2 minutes for the 600-yard course). A successful completion of the test is decided by the judge. Every completed run is awarded a ribbon and count as a qualifying run towards an AKC title.

AKC offers several lure-coursing titles:  Coursing Ability (CA) - the beginners level which requires three qualifying runs; Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA) requires ten qualifying runs; Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) requires 25 qualifying runs; and Coursing Ability Excellent 2 (CAX2) requires 50 qualifying runs. For every additional 25 qualifying runs, the dog will earn a higher numbered CAX title. While winning the title is nice, the joy and pleasure that your dog will experience are priceless!


For additional information and upcoming events in your area, visit the AKC’s website.

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