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Black Pearl Chimera Ravenhund

AKC Canine Good Citizen
Breeders: Dr. Ayalla Ruvio & Dr. Gerassi Lazar
Born: June 7, 2012
Owned and Loved by Teresa and Alan Smith​
Visit Teresa's Facebook page to learn more about Chimera.
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Chimera..."Chi".  Our little girl.  Giver of attention and affection. Vigilant and inquisitive. She entertains with her clownish antics and boundless energy.  She is a quick study and skilled in the art of "snuggling"... We took the name  Chimera from Greek mythology, recalling an impressive beast.
The Chimera is a powerful female, a fire-breathing monster. She was frighteningly beautiful, most often depicted as a combination of creatures, typically lion, goat, and dragon.
We chose her name not only for its lyrical, melodic qualities but also for its strong visual imagery that it conjures, reminding us of some of our favorite childhood stories.
(By Teresa and Allen)
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