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We love showing our dogs. Over the years our dogs won many titles and achievements.

We show at AKC as well as UKC.

You can read more about AKC dog shows here.

You can read more about UKC dog shows here.

At AKC dog shows you can show your dog yourself or use a professional handler. You will need to enter your dog in the show about two weeks in advance, and there is only one dog show a day.

At UKC dog shows you can only show your dog yourself or use a non-professional handler. You can enter your dog on the day of the show, and normally there are two shows a day. 

At AKC the Cane Corso is part of the Working group, and at UKC the Corso is part of the Guardian group.

Many of our dogs are Champions and Grand Champions, including:

Zeus, Crembo, Royal, Bull, Zarina, Brianna, Bibianna, Star, Chai, Allora, Fire, Winnie, Hero, Orion and Espresso.

We are especially proud of our Best In Show and Reserve Best in Show Corsos - Crembo, Fire, Royal, Allora, Orion and Zeus.

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