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Puppy Deposit

Thank you for choosing to add a Black Pearl puppy to your family.

A deposit of $500 - may be placed on a puppy in order to hold said puppy till he/she is 6 weeks old (full payment is due at 6 weeks old. Puppies will be sent home not before 8 weeks old).


In a case you wish to put a deposit for a puppy; 

• Deposit amount is $500 which will be deducted from the final purchase price.

• Deposits are not refundable.

• Removal of dewclaws and tail docking are included in the purchase price.

• Our puppies are NOT sold for breeding purposes unless otherwise described.

• All puppies remain the personal property of Black Pearl Cane. Corso until the sales agreement is finalized and payment is made in full.

• Full payment is due when the puppies reach 6 weeks, the puppies will be given to their owners when they are 8 weeks or older.

• If for any reason, we decide not to complete the transaction, we will promptly refund your deposit.

• At the time you purchase your puppy, you will be given a sales agreement which details the breeder’s warranties, restrictions, and/or policies. You must agree to and sign this document before the transaction is considered finalized. A copy of the sales agreement will be provided in advance for your review.


Please print this document, sign and send it to:

Black Pearl Cane Corso (Dr. Ayalla Ruvio)

3745 Beeman Rd. Williamston, MI 48895.


Deposits can be paid by check or via PayPal to -


Welcome to the Black Pearl family!

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