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Dog agility

Doing agility with your Cane Corso is so much fun!

This sport highlights the relationship and coordination between the dog and its owner (handler). The handler needs to direct the dog through an obstacle course so it will be able to complete it successfully in terms of time and accuracy. This needs to be done while the dog is off leash and with no food or toys used as incentives. In addition, the handler is not allowed to touch either the dog or the obstacles. The handler can only use voice commands, and body signals to direct the dog through the obstacle course.

Since the course is laid out in a way that the dog cannot complete it without its handler direction, it requires an excessive training of the dog and high love of coordination between the dogs and its handler.


You can read more about agility and agility competition on the AKC website. 

Bella and her owner, Shanon enjoying agility together.

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